About Us

YINENG Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is Chinese manufacturer of construction machinery. Our company offers a wide range of dedicated equipment including the off-road series, skid steer loader, mining series loader, WZ30-25 backhoe loader, and other various YN series wheel loaders. Designed for durability, these versatile products are applicable for industries such as oil, hydro, power, mining, and construction. Trusted both at home and abroad, we export to over 30 countries and regions including Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Thailand, South Africa, Argentina, etc.

Officially registered in 1999, our company can now be found at the foot of the majestic Mount Tai. Our workforce consists of 600 employees, of which 38 are technical personnel and 26 are senior engineers. Approximately 85% of these engineers have received an undergraduate degree. Validated by the Special Equipment Manufacturing License, our annual production capacity has exceeded 10,000 units. We are fully certified by the ISO900:2000 International Quality Management System. Additionally, our company has been formally accredited by the National Construction Machinery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

YINENG is the governing unit of the International Construction Machinery Council. Since the erection of our dedicated technical center in 2008, we have obtained three national patents for independent intellectual property rights, including the one for the YN620 stacking loader. This renowned development facility was designated as a municipal technology center in Taian City. In 2011, we were presented with numerous awards, including the title of “Technologically Advanced Innovation Unit”. The technical center has been an indispensable pillar of support, breathing new vitality into our research and development efforts.

In order to expand our client-base and fortify the brand image, YINENG strives to provide high quality products at the most competitive prices. Our machines are in full compliance with the national standard. In the history of our company, there has never been a documented case of an accident that was caused by faulty components. Through active participation in trade fairs and exhibitions, we seek to further promote our brand. Each year, we attend feature events in Bauma China and countries and regions including Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Central Asia, etc.