1. YN936 Wheel LoaderThe hydraulic transmission system of monolithic structure offers reliable performance. Meanwhile, the electric-hydraulic shift technology guarantees the flexible and reliable operation. As well, our equipment applies the double-sealed hydraulic pipe used H-type joint to avert the oil leakage.
    1. YN938 Wheel LoaderWith the power shift gearbox manufactured in the Hangzhou gearbox factory, this equipment can be flexibly operated. Likewise, it makes full use of the double-sealed hydraulic pipe used H-type joint to handle the oil leakage problem. Furthermore, the working system applies the standard configuration like the joysticks, which allow the comfortable operation.
    1. YN939 Wheel LoaderDue to the double-sealed hydraulic pipe used H-type joint, this equipment has no oil leakage. In the working system, the joysticks serve as the standard configuration to insure the comfortable operation. With the load sensing hydraulic steering system, our machine can be flexibly, conveniently manipulated. What’s more, the four-wheel caliper disc brake is used to make sure the safety of the users.

3T Wheel Loader

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